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In April 2012, Ailsa Piper published a book (Sinning Across Spain) about taking on the brokenness of others, and when Monsignor Tony Doherty read it, he wrote to her to express his enjoyment, but also to quiz her about certain aspects of the endeavour. She wrote back. He responded! Their letters flew like champion homing pigeons between Sydney and Melbourne, and eventually Tony suggested a public conversation between them. That took place in the Garratt Bookroom in November 2012, just as the Royal Commission into sexual abuse was being announced. The talk between them, and the audience, was wide-ranging, emotional, raw and honest. And fun!

You can revisit it here…

Now, they are returning for chat - this time about their new book. It’s called The Attachment: Letters From A Most Unlikely Friendship, and in a serendipitous closing of a circle, several of the letters within it refer to that Garratt Bookroom talk and its fallout.

The Attachment is a peek inside the minds of two people who may seem to live on opposite sides of many fences, but who are constantly straining to find common ground - or at the very least, to walk beside each other on their own ground. They are curious spirits and their letters reflect that. Their conversations touch on everything from loss to licorice. They are passionate about listening, walking and swimming; faith, fellowship and family; and about the deep need we all have for connection and transcendence. Their conversation, like their correspondence, is lively, heartfelt and searching. It is bound to be a warm and uplifting night of fellowship.

You can read a review of The Attachment by clicking here.

When: 19 June 2017 6.45pm for 7pm start
Where: Garratt Publishing, 32 Glenvale Crescent Mulgrave
RSVP by 16 June 2017 - rsvp@garrattpublishing.com.au  or 1300 650 878

Get the attachment by clicking here. 

Get Sinning Accross Spain by clicking here.

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