Manuscript submission guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Garratt Publishing. We are a Catholic book publisher serving the spiritual and educational needs of individuals, groups, and the church as a whole. While many of our books address a wide ecumenical readership, our primary interest is in books for Catholics and Catholic institutions. While we receive many manuscripts annually, very few are selected for publication. If you wish to submit a proposal that you think is appropriate to our interest, please do so. We ask that before submitting your proposal to Garratt Publishing to please read the following guidelines carefully.

Accepted genres for submission

Garratt Publishing will accept submissions for religious literary works as well as religious education materials.

Garratt Publishing does not accept submissions for: Poetry, Non-Religious works, Music, Short stories, Fiction or Children's books, although there are exceptions.

If your manuscript falls in one of these categories, we advise you to seek a publisher active in your area of interest.

How to submit your manuscript

If after reviewing the information above you decide to submit your proposal to Garratt Publishing please go to this link to download the Author Questionnaire.

You will also need to submit the following documents

  • At least three chapters on white A4 paper, double spaced, not bound
  • Approximate length (must be word length, not page length) 
  • Estimated time for completion of manuscript, if still in progress
  • Intended Audience (Discussion of who you think will read, discuss, and buy the book. Examples include professors, adult education groups, individuals interested in spiritual reading, senior undergraduates, deacons, priests and ministers, and so forth)
  • Resume or CV with cover letter. This should explain why you are the best person to write on this topic. (Examples: You have years of experience working with small group faith formation, you hold a Ph.D. in your field and have excellent recommendations from your peers. You enjoy speaking to groups to generate interest in your message you have several articles to your name.)
  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope or appropriately sized Postpak for the return of your material. If this is not supplied, your material may not be returned.

Although all possible care is taken with all submissions, Garratt Publishing bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of materials received.  Please ensure that you send only copies of materials you are submitting. Do not send original illustrations or photographs.

The address for submissions

The Publisher
Garratt Publishing
Private Bag 400

Our response time

Due to the volume of submissions it takes approximately two to three months for submissions to be assessed, though sometimes it takes longer. Understand that manuscripts require as long as several months, particularly if we are heavily backlogged or if we ask for an outside reader's opinion. There is no fee for evaluating your manuscript. No acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. You will be advised in writing when your submission has been assessed.

Please keep in mind that while the review of manuscripts is an assessment of the value of the ideas and writing, we must also, in fairness to you and your work, evaluate if we are the most suitable house for your manuscript's intended audience given our current publishing plans.

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