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Abide in My Word 2017: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips

Abide in My Word 2017: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips


Out of Print- No longer available

Whether used at home or in church, Abide in My Word is a useful aid for following the daily and Sunday Mass Scripture readings. The complete text for each day’s readings—including the responsorial psalm—are included. Abide in My Word covers the entire calendar year of 2016, and because the readings are arranged chronologically by date, they are easy to locate.

The Lord speaks to his people through his word, so the habit of praying with the daily Mass readings each day can provide both strength and refreshment. Abide in My Word also keeps Catholics in sync with the beautiful liturgical seasons of the Church. Over the years, Abide in My Word has become a familiar and treasured tool to thousands of Catholics—and many find it a handy companion to the meditations on the daily Mass readings featured in The Word Among Us magazine.

Please note: readings use the New American Bible translation

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