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1000 Sacred Places: The World's Most Extraordinary Spiritual Sites

1000 Sacred Places: The World's Most Extraordinary Spiritual Sites

Christoph Engels
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Holy places and spiritual sites are found throughout the world. All of them have in common a mysterious drawing power that has held humankind in its spell since the beginning of time. In addition to the holy sites of the great religions, you can find countless spiritual places of indigenous peoples and vanished cultures. The book 1000 Sacred Places presents one thousand such special places, including some of the great Christian cathedrals in Europe; pilgrim paths and places of pilgrimage; Hindu, Buddhist, and Shinto temples in Asia; the most important mosques of the Islam world; natural sanctuaries in Africa, America, and Australia; and prehistoric cult sites and modern sanctuaries. This book invites to a spiritual journey through history and the cultures of the world.
Christoph Engels studied theology and philosophy in Bonn and Kiel. He works as the pastor of a Protestant parish in Leverkusen, Germany. Through conversations and cooperation with a team of religion and culture scientists, he gathered a plethora of information and wrote a sophisticated and comprehensive perspective on holy places everywhere in the world.

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