About Garratt Publishing

For more than 20 years, John Garratt Publishing has enjoyed a distinguished reputation as a highly respected, independent publisher and distributor of quality printed Catholic books and educational materials for the Australian Catholic community.   

Today, as Garratt Publishing, we are quickly becoming a market leader in publishing and developing creative resources and products for a global religious and educational market. Our company continues to produce and distribute Catholic publications, but now also produces brilliant printed and digital products for all interested in Christianity, education and social justice.    

We are a platform for people to share, connect and learn about their faith and spiritual journey. 

Our goals:

1. To improve the wellbeing of people around the world through education, raising awareness and sharing knowledge about Christianity; to develop life-strengthening relationships that encourage social justice and inner peace.
2. To produce innovative printed and digital educational resources, to foster a love of learning and to meet the changing needs of students in the twenty-first century. 

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