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God's Passion Praying with Mark

God's Passion Praying with Mark

Terry Hinks

With the immense changes that society has undergone in recent decades, prayer has become very challenging for Christians in the West. The great civil rights activist and Christian preacher Martin Luther King, who died from an assassin's bullet on 4 April 1968, said: 'To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing'. Yet many of us, as twenty-first century western Christians, are in a sense asthmatic in our praying, struggling to breath the life of God in our daily lives.

This series of books, which follow the lectionary cycles, offer individuals a way of praying with each Gospel. The series encourages people to hear the distinctive voice of each Gospel, to explore what the Gospel teaches about prayer and to be led deeper into praying with the Gospel story.
Each volume includes a general introduction, an introduction to prayer in the particular Gospel; the example of Jesus, the teaching given, the prayers offered; followed by 40 reflections and prayers on selected passages from the Gospel, focusing especially on our relationship to God in prayer and action, heart and living.


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