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A Cry Is Heard: My Path to Peace

A Cry Is Heard: My Path to Peace

Jean Vanier
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Part autobiography, part memoir, part call to action to walk a path to unity and peace, this new book by L'Arche founder Jean Vanier is profoundly inspiring and filled with hope.

Vanier's account of his life revolves around 'encountering difference and working constantly to build bridges not walls: this is the path of peace.' Indeed, says Vanier, 'A path to unity, fellowship and peace is possible.'

True freedom grows from loving others and letting ourselves be loved - with all our weaknesses and all our gifts. In meeting those on the margins, we heal our own hearts and are able to work for a transformation of societies.

Through the stories of his childhood, the foundation of L’Arche, and his relationship with significant figures such as Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa and Dorothy Day, Vanier teaches us the lessons of his life, his own psychological barriers and struggles, and a profound message of hope for the future.

Jean Vanier is a philosopher and theologian. He is the founder of L’Arche International and the winner of the Templeton Prize 2015 which recognises outstanding contributions to spiritual writing and to the spiritual life. His 90th birthday is in September 2018.

‘This book was born from a sense of urgency. Faced with the sad divisions, fears, wars and inequalities of our world, and the depression and despair of so many young people, I have dared to share with you a way of hope. In the course of my life, it is people with an intellectual handicap who have little by little transformed me and freed me from my own fears, revealing my own humanity to myself. A path towards unity, fraternity and peace is possible. The future depends on each one of us.’

Jean Vanier


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