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Welcoming the Stranger: How the Bible can help us understand

Welcoming the Stranger: How the Bible can help us understand

Denise Cottrell-Boyce
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A Bible Study book for individuals or groups, which explores how the Bible today can help us better to understand our increasingly multi-cultural world and society, especially in light of those people fleeing war, poverty and oppression. What does the Bible have to say about xenophobia? How can we contribute to the rebuilding of a world of peace in our lives and local communities today?

Welcoming the Stranger is part of the all new series, How the Bible can Help us Understand.

These short books are aimed at ordinary people committed in their faith and wanting to live Christianly, but not brought up in a Bible-studying tradition. They prompt intelligent thought, reflection and guidance on issues that really matter to people, using illustrations from life and popular culture as well as studies of Bible passages. They are not ‘The Bible has all the answers’, but ‘How can the Bible contribute to my understanding?’

Denise Cottrell-Boyce is a screenwriter and catechist.


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