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Living Prayer - The Pocket Library of Spiritual Wisdom Series

Living Prayer - The Pocket Library of Spiritual Wisdom Series

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Bloom)
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Often, we are told that prayer is an enthralling adventure … In a sense of course this is true; but something very much more far-reaching is being forgotten when such statements are made: it is that prayer is a dangerous adventure and that we cannot enter upon it without risk.
--Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

There are few writers on prayer who speak with more authority than Metropolitan Anthony. In this book we can share his spirituality and his deep understanding of the link between contemplation and action in Christian life. He explores the relationship between worship and prayer, and goes on to look at well-known prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer, revealing new depths in familiar phrases. He also reflects on less familiar petitions such as the Prayer of Bartimaeus, and many people will find his teaching on unanswered prayers particularly helpful.

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh was best known as a writer and broadcaster on prayer and the Christian life. He was a monk and Metropolitan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.


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