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Behind the Gospels: Understanding the oral tradition

Behind the Gospels: Understanding the oral tradition

Eric Eve
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New Testament scholars regularly talk about 'oral tradition' as a means by which material Jesus reached the writers of the Gospels. However, they are often a little vague about what this actually means and, unsurprisingly, many students and clergy are even more unclear. There is no convenient book-length treatment of the topic which can be used by students, or indeed anyone else wishing to inform themselves about this area. Behind the Gospels aims to fill this gap, both by some general theoretical discussions of the nature of oral tradition and ancient texts, and by a survey of the discussions of these issues in New Testament studies from classical form criticism down to the present day. Issues surrounding oral tradition and its implications are essential to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Gospels and as such this book will be core reading for students, clergy, NT scholars whose specific area of expertise lie outside this area.

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