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Introducing Science and Religion: A path through polemic

Introducing Science and Religion: A path through polemic

Gillian K. Straine
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Can a Christian believe what the scientists say? • The author is a young ordained physicist • The big issues around human consciousness, the origins of the universe, evolution and intelligent design • A serious look at both sides of the arguments We can look at science and religion and see conflict; or we can separate them into different worlds. This book helps the reader understand both sides of this ‘conflict’ and how they throw light on each other’s approach. Of particular interest is what we are learning about personality, mind and psychology, and where consciousness comes from. This book suggests several different paths through the debates that surround science and religion. These paths offer ways of holding a rational interest in the world and scientific attempts to understand it and a lively and questioning faith in God which takes the Bible seriously. Gillian Straine completed her undergraduate studies and her PHD in physics at Imperial College, London. Her research was in experimental atmospheric physics, and she also trained in science communication. Later she trained as an Anglican Priest, gaining an Oxford BA in Theology.

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