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Who Are We To Judge? Empathy and Discernment in a Critical Age

Who Are We To Judge? Empathy and Discernment in a Critical Age

Fraser Dyer
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Jesus says ‘Do not judge’ yet our human instinct often leads us to harsh judgements of others. In a world where snap judgements are made in seconds on social media, how can Christians resist the urge to join in?

In this insightful and wise book, Fraser Dyer helps us to understand what compels Christians to be judgemental towards others. He explores the condemnation of judgementalism throughout scripture and includes a set of practical approaches, rooted in Christian spirituality, to enable us to journey from this self-righteous attitude towards love of God and neighbour.

‘Thoughtful. Provocative. Honest. Humorous. Profoundly biblical. Extremely well-written and easy to read. Who Are We To Judge? will challenge and change the way you think and the assumptions you make.’

Revd Steve Chalke MBE, Founder of Oasis & Stop The Traffik

‘This book calls for a more responsible and humane society based on empathy and a return to the golden rule – ‘do to others as you would
have them do to you.’ The good news is that we can retrain ourselves to be less judgmental, and this book will help us to do it.’

Dave Tomlinson, Vicar of St Luke’s, Holloway, London


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