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How To Read The Bible (without switching off your brain)

How To Read The Bible (without switching off your brain)

Simon Taylor
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Bible reading for everyone – that’s what this book offers! It will speak to those who already read the Bible but find themselves asking why; and to those who don’t read the Bible but would like to if only it weren’t so strange. It explains what the Bible is, offers an overview of what is found in it, and addresses questions people ask, such as:

  • Does science disprove the Bible?

  • Why is there so much violence in the Bible? 

  • What does the Bible say about sex? 

The author also presents an account of reading the Bible in the context of a life of faith and suggests how the Bible might be integrated with a life of prayer.


  • Foreword by Paula Gooder 

  • Clear and practical approach 

  • Will enable anyone to read the Bible better 

  • Tackles the key questions that people ask about the Bible 

  • Courteous and humorous style helps break through preconceptions 

  • Explains all its references (and, indeed, how the Bible is referred to) 

  • Suitable for individual use or in study or book groups


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