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Shandong: The Revival Province - The China Chronicles Volume 1

Shandong: The Revival Province - The China Chronicles Volume 1

Paul Hattaway
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Many have heard of the extraordinary explosion of Christianity throughout China in recent decades. Few, however, know how it occurred. Paul Hattaway draws on thirty years’ experience in China and numerous interviews with church leaders to provide inssights into how the living God brought about the largest revival in the history of Christianity.

In a narrative full of jaw-dropping stories, the China Chronicles document the acts of the Holy Spirit throughout China, where phenomenal growth has occurred in the furnace of intense persecution.

Hattaway starts his account with Shandong Province, which is home to almost one hundred million people. On multiple occasions, God has revived his Church in Shandong by pouring out his Spirit with great power and grace. As a result, Shandong today could be rightfully called ‘China’s Revival Province’

Paul Hattaway became a Bible courier to Chinain his late teens and slowly gained the trust of Christian leaders throughout China. He is the author of numerous books, including The Heavenly Man, the story of Brother Yun.

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