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A Call Less Ordinary: Why Your Purpose Matters

A Call Less Ordinary: Why Your Purpose Matters

Rich Wilson
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In A Call Less Ordinary, Rich Wilson aims to help you answer some of those big questions: What is my calling? And how do I pursue it once I know?

In this stirring, uplifting book, Rich Wilson shares his own journey of finding his purpose and following his passions in his work with Fusion - a movement that equips students for Christian mission. By drawing on both his story and the stories of other ordinary people following an extraordinary God, he offers guidance and advice for discovering our own calling, and finding ways to pursue it through adventure and adversity.

A Call Less Ordinary will give anyone wrestling with the question of whether or not God has a plan for them a deeper understanding of what it means to find your purpose in life. It will challenge and guide you to find new ways of using your passions for God, and give you encouragement and hope to embrace your calling.


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