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Deuteronomy - Concordia Commentary

Deuteronomy - Concordia Commentary

Adolph L. Harstad
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Recorded in Deuteronomy, the final three sermons of the patriarch Moses reaffirm the pillars of the faith established earlier in the Pentateuch. Dr. Harstad sets out to prove that the book of Deuteronomy is a quintessential text, both for understanding the Old Testament and the New. With an original translation, he identifies key themes of law, gospel, justice, and love in Moses’ address to the Israelites in the plains of Moab. Harstad finds unique importance in the motivational tone Moses uses during his final exhortations of his people, interpreting its masterful rhetoric as exemplary of God’s unending grace and stalwart love for wayward Israel.


  • The Unique Character of Deuteronomy

  • The Author and Authority of the Book of Deuteronomy

  • Preaching and Teaching in Deuteronomy

Additional Essays

  • Love is at the Heart of Deuteronomy

  • Interpreting Moses

  • Bride-Wealth: An Anthropoligical Perspective


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