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Christian Sex Today: Lessons from Moses, Paul, Jesus and Darwin

Christian Sex Today: Lessons from Moses, Paul, Jesus and Darwin

Jason John
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How do Christians deal with sex in their lives? How do they witness the Good News of the Gospel in an area of human experience that too often in the churches has been associated with sin, silence, fear and shame? Even in Christian marriage services, sex doesn't get a mention; in fact, the Christian tradition rarely discusses sex at all, whether before, during or after marriage.

Christian Sex Today is a serious consideration of this omission, an exploration of how contemporary Christians can respond to the complex realities of how sex can be discussed, affirmed, celebrated and lived by people for whom the Jesus tradition promises life in its fullness, whether they are young, old, single, engaged, gay, married, divorced or widowed.

Jason John brings to the task rare combinations of theology, biblical scholarship and academic qualifications in zoology. These gifts enable him to trace the evolution of sex over billions of years, its varied and different expressions, the development of its function within societies as life - including the human species - adapted to changing conditions and the pressures of survival and growth.


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