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Re-Enchantment : The New Australian Spirituality

Re-Enchantment : The New Australian Spirituality

David Tacey
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The spiritual quest is timeless and ongoing. For David Tacey, the quest incorporates key issues such as the redefining of our human identity, a new consciousness about Aboriginal reconciliation, a recognition of youth culture and its spiritual directions, our quest for environmental integrity, and our responsibility to community and to each other. Ultimately, the quest is for a re-enchantment that enables us to overcome our alienation, allowing us, at the beginning of this new century, to build a more harmonious and integrated Australian society.Here, with great exuberance, is David Tacey's visionary scholarship and devotion to purpose - clearing away the cobwebs and slander and overburden which have stifled and diminished the culture of spirituality in Australia. "David's work is not just about spirituality; it is, in its function and its lilt, profoundly spiritual - vibrantly so - in that it cultivates and heartens and defends the deepest, most true and lovely possibilities for this country." - Michael Leunig


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