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Spirituality Revolution : The Emergence of Contemporary Spirituality

Spirituality Revolution : The Emergence of Contemporary Spirituality

David Tacey
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Why are we in the midst of a spiritual revolution at this point in history? Where is it heading? We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. Churches are emptying and religious leaders are finding their status and authority increasingly challenged. Meanwhile the New Age movement continues to grow in popularity. Interest in indigenous tribal religions, in witchcraft, astrology, alchemy and long-forgotten mysterious sects and cults has never been greater. What is happening to our society? What does this change tell us about our beliefs, our needs, and where we are headed? David tacey, academic and writer, is one of Australia's leading thinkers in religion and spirituality. In this, his latest book, he argues that the growing popularity of the New Age movement is a sign of a new phase in the spiritual development of the Western world - a phase that brings with it new challenges but also the potential for greater spiritual rewards and a more personalised religious experience. Far from dismissing the New Age movement as superficial mumbo jumbo, tacey argues that it is evidence of humanity's enduring need to find answers to the demanding questions that face us in the 21st century. In the Spirituality Revolution he reveals how these new forms of spirituality meet needs not addressed by traditional religion, and he argues for a bridge between the old and the new to help us find meaning and significance in our contemporary world.


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