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Building Faith one Child at a Time Revised Edition

Building Faith one Child at a Time Revised Edition

Becky S. Peters
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From K to 12, today’s students have never known a time with without access to digital technology and information. Many students already own a smartphone, waiting for the ‘next big thing’ to happen. From the increased use of technology for the first-grader to the preteen exposed to cyberbullying, how should teachers reach out, share, and help build faith?

With additional information on developmental theories, including the work of researcher Lev Vygotskym, this revised version of Building Faith One Child at a Time provides 21-century strategies for designing and creating age-appropriate lesson plans and activities that provide the context for faith to begin and grow—knowing that only God can provide the power for that growth.

This second edition covers these 21st century considerations:

-Utilizing technology for age-appropriate lessons and activities
-Dealing with cyberbullying and negative online behaviors
-Building faith through service to others
-Understanding society’s changing demographics
-Helping children experiencing stress and violence

As you learn more about your own faith, let this be a worthwhile guide as you seek to better understand where you have been, where you are headed, and where you hope to lead others.


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