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Love Bridge

Love Bridge

Jonathan Schkade
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Simple yet engaging, The Love Bridge teaches that God fixes our brokenness by sending Jesus, who heals us through His love and forgiveness. The book’s colorful illustrations, easy-to-read words, and Gospel focus are sure to make it a favorite of adults and children alike.

Jonathan Schkade (rhymes with “body”) is a procrastinator, pardoned sinner, and freelance author. In addition to Icky Sticky, Hairy Scary Bible Stories and the Not-So-Nice Bible Stories series, he’s a regular contributor to the Arch Book series, My Devotions, and Portals of Prayer.
Jonathan lives with his wife, Kristi, and their lovely, lovable daughters in Jefferson City, Missouri. He sings in the men’s choir at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Honey Creek, Missouri, and spends his free nanoseconds reading, cooking, going to movies, and trying not to be too much of a nuisance.

Tim Bradford is an illustrator and animator living right next to a nature reserve in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and also has the convenience of being just half a mile from the city center. From alpine landscapes to geometry to animals, he is inspired by nature and loves drawing people of all sizes, shapes, and nationalities.


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