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Ezekiel, Daniel New Collegeville Bible Commentary:Old Testament Series

Ezekiel, Daniel New Collegeville Bible Commentary:Old Testament Series

Corrine L. Carvalho
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Comprehensive and understandable, these books bring the relevance of the Old Testament to Bible study participants, teachers, students, preachers, and all readers of the Bible. The series is filled with recent scholarship, provides vital background, and addresses important questions such as authorship and cultural context.The books of Ezekiel and Daniel provide some of the most memorable stories and images the Old Testament.
Ezekiel, the wild prophet of the Babylonian exile, gave us images of the blazing wheeled throne of God leaving Jerusalem and the valley of dry bones that only God could restore to life. Struggling to prove his authenticity as a prophet, Ezekiel gives hard messages to the people of Israel that predict the fall of Jerusalem and punishment of all the nations. At the heart of the fiery speech and actions, however, is someone trying to explain how Jerusalem could fall and Israel could lose the Promised Land. In the end, there can be no mistake about his message of God's power and the cost of Israel's unfaithfulness.
The prophet Daniel's message balances that of Ezekiel's, offering stories of God’s faithfulness to those who keep the law. The dramatic stories of the three men in the fire furnace and Daniel in the lion's den, as well as the account of Susanna and the elders, shows God's saving power to those who are faithful. Daniel's message is one of hope for a people living under severe oppression during and after exile. Combining storytelling, prophecy, apocalyptic, this book puts history in the context of God's larger plan for humanity.


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