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Mary, Favored by God - Alive in the Word: Cloud of Witnesses

Mary, Favored by God - Alive in the Word: Cloud of Witnesses

Catherine Upchurch
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Few people have influenced Christian spirituality, theology, and history as profoundly as Mary, mother of Jesus. Explore three key events early in her life that set the course for her role in salvation history. Learn what it means to be favored by God.

Laura Kelly Fanucci is the research associate for the Collegeville Institute Seminars. She is the author of Mercy: God's Nature, Our Challenge in the Alive in the Word series, Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting; and the co-author of Living Your Discipleship: 7 Ways to Express Your Deepest Calling

The pages of our Bibles are filled with the stories of women and men who have played a unique role in salvation history. By entering into a few key biblical passages written by or describing these people, we begin to see how our own story continues God’s great work of salvation in the world. Their witness continues to speak to us and challenge us to stand as faithful witnesses in today’s world.
Alive in the Word invites you to explore Scripture in a way that is engaging and transformative. Each volume offers brief but powerful lessons that help you reflect on your own life and experience in relationship with the words, events and characters of the Bible. Prayer and action are full integrated. Browse through the titles under development in each of seven thematic topics.


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