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Advent, Season of Divine Encounter - Alive in the Word: Liturgical Seasons

Advent, Season of Divine Encounter - Alive in the Word: Liturgical Seasons

Amy Ekeh
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Advent means arrival or coming. During this sacred season, we actively recall the arrival of Jesus as the Word made flesh, and we joyfully await his final return at the end of the age. But as we remember the past and anticipate the future, we are also attentive to our divine encounters in the present, the ways God "arrives" in our everyday lives. Amy Ekeh's Advent, Season of Divine Encounter helps us look closely at three key Scripture passages to recall, recognize, and anticipate the ways God comes into our lives and our world.

Amy Ekeh is an instructor in the Catholic Biblical School in the Archdiocese of Hartford where she also facilitates retreats and missions. As a freelance writer, her work appears in St. Anthony Messenger, The Bible Today, Liguorian, Magnificat and Catechist Magazine. She is the author of Lent, Season of Transformation, That Mighty Heart, and In Every Life

The church’s liturgical seasons revolve around the life of Christ, providing a physical time and the necessary space to enter into the great gift of God in his Son. In this yearly cycle we become more fully alive to Christ’s presence in our world and more in tune with the practices of faith that continue to mold us as Christ’s followers. These titles help us to experience the primary liturgical seasons in fresh ways.
Alive in the Word invites you to explore Scripture in a way that is engaging and transformative. Each volume offers brief but powerful lessons that help you reflect on your own life and experience in relationship with the words, events and characters of the Bible. Prayer and action are full integrated. Browse through the titles under development in each of seven thematic topics.


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