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Transcending Generations: A Field Guide to Collaborations in Church

Transcending Generations: A Field Guide to Collaborations in Church

Meredith Gould
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Transcending Generations is a guide for church leaders seeking to communicate and collaborate with adults of all ages-beyond generations. In this new guide to being and doing church, sociologist and culture critic Meredith Gould focuses on issues shared by people of faith, regardless of chronological age, psychosocial development, or generational cohort.

In short, easy-to-read chapters and with her characteristic wit, she challenges readers to think in more nuanced ways about age to remove false barriers. Readers are guided to and through practical ways to move forward together while honoring authentic differences. Chapters include questions for individual inquiry and group discussion.

Meredith Gould, PhD, is a sociologist, longtime spiritual seeker, online community manager, and digital communications professional. Her consulting experience spans all levels of church across denominations. Dr. Gould is an award-winning author of ten books (with one always in the works) about faith and everyday life. She's nationally known as a passionate advocate of using digital tools for ministry and to encourage practical spirituality.

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