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Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership

Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership

Samuel D. Rahberg
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For many Christian leaders, the experience of ministry includes enough conflict and disappointment to soon wear off the patina of one's initial enthusiasm. And yet relief and renewal seems too often out of reach. What happens in this season of ministry is more than a matter of whether or not a Christian leader can persist. Can a Christian engage the call to maturity at the juncture of discipleship and leadership? Enduring Ministry is designed for those who seek a more durable way forward, one that is infused with grace and inspired by good mission.

In Enduring Ministry, Samuel Rahberg draws on insights from the monastic tradition, the ministry of spiritual direction, and the experience of Christian leadership to support and empower leaders for continued ministries in the church, helping experience a shift from merely enduring to lasting, effective, and vibrant Christian leadership.

Samuel D. Rahberg is a spiritual director with experience in parish education and administration. He is an oblate of St. Benedict and serves as the director of the Benedictine Center of St. Paul's Monastery in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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