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Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad: Analysis and Pastoral Responses

Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad: Analysis and Pastoral Responses

Gerald A. Arbuckle
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For most people fundamentalism in the modern world has become synonymous with a radical form of Islam. But fundamentalism in many shapes and forms is also very much present in Western societies. Yes, fundamentalist economic, political, nationalistic, religious movements are aplenty in the West. Using the lens of cultural anthropology, Gerald Arbuckle examines fundamentalist attitudes and movements in this book, exploring why they arise and how readers can constructively respond to them.

Gerald A. Arbuckle, SM, is co-director of Refounding and Pastoral Development, a research ministry, in Sydney, Australia. An award-winning author, he is internationally known for his expertise in helping church leaders minister effectively in a post-modern world. In 2011 he presented the Martin D'Arcy, SJ, Lectures at Oxford University. His many books include Healthcare Ministry; Violence, Society, and the Church; Laughing with God; Culture, Inculturation, and Theologians; and Catholic Identity or Identities?

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