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The Rosary : A Path into Prayer

The Rosary : A Path into Prayer

Liz Kelly
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The rosary is a central element in the prayer lives of countless people, though it is still often neglected and misunderstood. The Rosary, an updated and revised version of TheSeeker's Guide to the Rosary, is a comprehensive look at the history, practice, and benefits of rosary devotion. Designed to introduce the reader to the mysteries of this simple meditative prayer, author Liz Kelly gently guides the reader on an exploration of this powerful prayer that is well suited even to this modern world. The book includes surprising and moving personal testimonies of the author, other devotees, and saints and holy figures, showing how rosary devotion is a practical and gratifying means of meditation that every person can use. A significant part of the book is devoted to the mysteries of the rosary, including the new luminous mysteries, five events from the public life of Jesus'ministry that Pope John Paul II added to the devotion in 2002 to gie it "fresh life." Exploring the practical as well as the spiritual side of the rosary, Kelly reveals how it can be a powerful tool to enhance one's prayer life and relationship with God.

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