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To God on a Magic Carpet : Meditating with Children

To God on a Magic Carpet : Meditating with Children

Sister Anthony
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“This is a lovely book for the small and big child within all of us. As Sr Anthony says, meditation is one of the things one has to do not just talk about. Maybe that’s why it offers so much. It’s where we observe our minds and senses at work, which just increases the wonder This little book of exercises states the bleeding obvious about kids’ involvement which is why it is such a gem.

Geraldine Doogue – Presents Sunday Profile on ABC Radio and Compass on ABC TV

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, they say. Hundreds of children have sampled Sr Anthony Macdonald’s “pudding” and loved it. In other words, what she offers, works. Do eat her pudding. I am sure you will love it as well, and will be drawn with your children into a life-giving way of praying.”

Justin Joseph Bianchini DD – BISHOP OF GERALDTON

Bio of Sr Anthony Macdonald

Sr Anthony is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth. She has taught for many years in schools throughout Australia and in her native Scotland where, in 1977 she was nominated, 'Teacher of the Year for Scotland'.

Sister is at present A.P.R.E. at St Lawrence's school Geraldton ,W.A. where she also teaches French.She has a wide variety of interests including Tai Chi, poetry, gardening, birdwatching, environmental issues, social justice and methods of prayer from different cultures. Sister Anthony is also an active member of 'Drugarm' an agency which helps youngsters in their early teens.

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