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Christianity Alongside Islam

Christianity Alongside Islam

John W. Wilson

This book gives a clear analysis of the different perspectives of Christianity and Islam - in particular the way they look at language, scriptures and the mission of Jesus. The book does not shy away from the problem of radical Islamism. Readers will find it useful in understanding the challenges of the contemporary world' (The Hon. Peter Costello, Australian Federal Treasurer, 1996-2007).
'This is a splendid work. What I particularly liked about it is that on the one side the author is fair, thorough and open-minded. One the other side, he discusses the hard issues with openness, awareness and sensitivity. I read every word with care, interest and profit.
Most of the books I have read on the subject of the interface between Islam and Christianity are either academic tomes which never touch the problems or they are full of anti Islamic fervor. This book was a delight' (Dr Kenneth E. Bailey, author of The Cross and the Prodigal, Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes.
'An excellent book for the person who wants to know how to respond to questions about Islam. Is Islam about war, peace, politics or pietism? What does Islam say about Jesus, the Bible, human rights, women? In interweaving these and other themes, John Wilson skilfully presents not just Islam and its similarities and differences with Christianity, but the challenge presented by Islam for Christians to live more Christianly. The teacher in John Wilson cannot resist engaging with the new atheism of Richard Dawkins and this provides an intriguing dimension to Christianity alongside Islam.
Historical stories, easy maps, photographs and ample footnotes for those who want to dig deeper all add to this outstanding book' (John Harrower, Bishop of Tasmania).


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