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A House Divided? The Quest for Unity within Anglicanism

A House Divided? The Quest for Unity within Anglicanism

Tom Frame

In A House Divided? Tom Frame identifies what is ailing the Anglican Church of Australia; explains why parts of the Church have become diseased; advises against persisting with policies and practices deleterious to its well-being; prescribes changes to its common life in order that it might regain health and suggests actions and attitudes that will promote vibrant mission and ministry; so that the Church will be able to face some of the challenges rising before it over the next 30 years.
The Anglican Church of Australia has struggled for decades with internal division and numerical decline. Tom Frame, one of Australia’s best-known commentators on contemporary Anglicanism, argues that the Church’s problems have become acute. It must deal with decaying foundations and crumbling walls. A House Divided? provides a frank assessment of the Church’s disorder and disunity, its inability to attract and hold new members, its ailing structures and inadequate strategies, and its failure to promote a vibrant vision of Christianity. Contentious and controversial, this book will prompt Anglicans across Australia to think deeply about their Church and the urgent need for reform and renewal.
The range of matters he has canvassed is not intended to serve as a comprehensive agenda for action, but a selective inventory of proposals for change, with some suggestions for fresh emphases or renewed commitment.


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