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Dream of a Gospel-Inspired Church: Pope Francis' Ecclesiology

Dream of a Gospel-Inspired Church: Pope Francis' Ecclesiology

Roberto Repole
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The Dream of a Gospel Inspired Church provides a focus on the vision of the evangelical and missionary Church dreamed of by the Pope both through the ecclesiological examination of his most important documents and through a profound reflection on his teachings centered on the Gospel of Mercy. In the perspective of the ecclesiological teaching of Pope Francis, there is a chapter on the reform of the Church which is currently underway and which he strongly desired so that, in the passing of time and in changing situations, he may remain “evangelical and transparent to the merciful God who lives and makes it exist”

The Pope is first of all the pastor of the Church and sign of its unity. He can be a theologian professionally, or he cannot be, as it has happened for the majority of popes. ln both cases, in his teaching as well as in the choices he makes or in the orientations he offers, his teaching and his style are imbued with a theological perspective and ask theologians to confront with them.

The Pope Francis Theology Series calls upon the expertise of eleven theologians from various Countries of the world, and aims at showing us what theology is at the base of such incisive words and such simple gestures with which Pope Francis has made us so familiar.

They are eleven easy volumes, written in a captivating way yet able to show in a rigorous way the deep roots of his thought and action.

Roberto Repole (1967), a priest of the diocese of Turin, earned a license and a doctorate in Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is professor of systematic Theology at the Turin section of the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy, of which he is Dean. Expert in ecclesiology, he is President of the Italian Theological Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the Avepro Agency.


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