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Saving St Brigid’s paperback

Saving St Brigid’s paperback

Regina Lane

This is the story of St Brigid’s church and hall, which sits atop a hill in Crossley, south-west Victoria, among rolling green fertile volcanic fields. It was built and paid for by the children of survivors of the Irish famine. It was put up for sale by the Catholic Church in 2009 and became the heart of a struggle that went all the way to Rome. Saving St Brigid's is the truly unique story of a small Australian rural community, who in the spirit of their Irish rebel ancestors, stood up for what they believed in.

“Saving St Brigid’s asks us to deeply consider the importance of the spirit of the place”, wrote Shane Howard in his foreword for Regina's memoir.

'Saving St Brigid's points the way of humility and openness that churches must now follow if they are to resurrect from the ashes, appropriating the leanings of the royal commission into abuse,' said Fr Frank Brennan, SJ, AO.

"This is one of those books that comes along once in the blue moon. The kind that arrives unheralded, without literary pedigree or fanfare, without glitz or commercial appeal. And it blows your socks off. No summary can do it justice”. The Age

“A cliff-hanger, a race against time to save a church…an exciting and pacey read”
Racheal Kohn, ‘The Spirit of Things’, Radio National


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