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Adam: God's Beloved

Adam: God's Beloved

Henri J. M. Nouwen
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In the final year before his death in 1996, Henri Nouwen set out to write a book about the Creed. His plans changed when he learned of the death of his friend Adam, a severely handicapped young man from the L'Arche Daybreak Community outside Toronto where Nouwen lived. In the story of Adam he found a way to describe his own understanding of the Gospel message.

Adam could not speak or even move without assistance. Gripped by frequent seizures, he spent his life in obscurity. And yet, for Nouwen, Adam became "my friend, my teacher, and my guide." It was Adam who led Nouwen to a new understanding of his faith and what it means to be Beloved of God.

Through the story of Adam Nouwen found a new way to tell God's story of Jesus and the story of all of us human creatures, broken and yet beloved, who live in a world charged with the mystery of God's overwhelming love. Completed only weeks before his own death, Adam: God's Beloved became Nouwens final, precious gift, a fitting summation of his own message and legacy.

Henri J. M. Nouwen was a Dutch priest and the pastor of the L'Arche Daybreak Community in Toronto, Canada. Nearly 20 years after his death, he remains one of the most beloved and inspiring Christian writers in the world. His other Orbis titles include ¡Gracias! (1983), Walk with Jesus (1990), The Road to Peace (1998), With Burning Hearts (2003), The Selfless Way of Christ (2011), and Peacework (2013).

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