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Gospel Way of Mary: A Journey of Trust and Surrender

Gospel Way of Mary: A Journey of Trust and Surrender

Carlo Maria Martini

Cardinal Carlo Martini is well known for his ability to open the Scriptures through lectio divina or prayerful reading. In The Gospel Way of Mary, Martini takes us on a journey through Scripture of key events in the life of Mary. With keen and profound insight, he helps us see these familiar passages as a journey of trust and surrender, not only for Mary, but for us as well. This journey requires us to make a fundamental choice for God and to make peace with his often mysterious ways.

Martini reflects on Mary’s night of faith as well as her emotional life, relating these to our own experiences of hardship and suffering. He concludes by showing how true Marian devotion can enrich our lives.

- For those who wants to deepen their understanding of Mary and their relationship with her.
- Encourages reflection and prayer on the challenges we face in our own life of faith.


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