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Living the Rosary: Finding Your Life in the Mysteries

Living the Rosary: Finding Your Life in the Mysteries

John Phalen
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The Rosary is often called 'the Gospel in miniature' and is both explained and meditated upon in this new book by Rev John Phalen CSC. Rev Phalen is president of Holy Cross Family Ministries and one of today's leading Rosary evangelists.

The subtitle, 'finding your life in the mysteries' is a central theme in this inspired new book by one of the greatest living exponents of the Rosary.

In this new book of meditations on the meaning of the Rosary, Rev John Phalen CSC, invites readers to open their eyes and their hearts to God's presence in their daily lives through this ancient devotion. Much more than a 'how-to' book, Living the Rosary employs scripture, the lives of the saints, and Phalen's pastoral experiences to lead readers into a deep appreciation of the personal import of the mysteries of the Rosary.

As president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, the organisation founded by Patrick Peyton, the 'Rosary Priest', Phalen has travelled the world, giving retreats and workshops on the Rosary to thousands. His meditative guide situates each of the twenty 'mysteries' of the life of Jesus within both biblical and modern stories of conversion and spiritual growth. Beginning with his own vocation story (an example of 'annunciation'), Phalen offers twenty different stories, some scriptural, some personal, all of them practical, that will help readers better understand and live each mystery of the Rosary. An explanation of how to pray the Rosary is included.

REV JOHN PHALEN CSC is a Holy Cross priest and current president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, the organisation founded by Rev Patrick Peyton CSC and known popularly as 'The Rosary Priest'. Phalen was ordained a priest in 1974 and has served in a vast variety of parish, vocations and intercultural ministries.

'Rev John Phalen CSC has a gift for relating the Mysteries of the Rosary to our daily lives and he does this better than anyone I know. I believe the readers of this book will hear echoes resounding in their own hearts of the joy, light, suffering and glory of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother Mary'. Rev Willy Raymond CSC, director Family Theater Productions

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