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Virtual Meditations Stations of the Cross 14 Cards

Virtual Meditations Stations of the Cross 14 Cards

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Virtual Meditations: Stations of the Cross

Virtual Meditations uses new technology to help young people reflect, in their own way, on the death of Jesus Christ.

The codes can be placed around your classroom, in your school hallway, or even in your parish or church hall. Students can simply scan the codes with their mobile devices and view a two-minute video explaining each station and encouraging personal reflection. The videos will help young people relate to Jesus’ teachings and learn more about his journey to Calvary—while using the technology they prefer.

Interactive: Young people will be actively engaged as they move around the room scanning the QR Codes.
Adaptable: The codes can be used in a classroom, a hallway, a parish, or at home.
Motivating: Young people are encouraged and enabled to use new technology to help them understand and reflect on the Stations of the Cross.


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