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Guide for Celebrating Confirmation

Guide for Celebrating Confirmation

Paul Turner
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With a theological and historical overview of the newly translated texts of The Order of Confirmation, this practical resource provides your parish team with a collaborative approach to catechizing about and preparing for the Confirmation liturgy. Paul Turner walks through each part of the rite, noting best practices and highlighting differences in the newly translated ritual; provides guidance selecting Scripture readings, prayer texts, and music; advice for preparing the liturgical environment; and offers suggestions for evangelization and hospitality.

As part of the Preparing Parish Worship™ series, this book includes:

·Theological explanations of the Sacrament of Confirmation
·Historical contexts for the development of the Confirmation liturgy
·Answers to frequently asked questions and advice for complicated situations
·A glossary and suggestions for additional resources
·Inspirational and instructive quotations from Scripture and Church documents
·Ritually instructive photos , and foster a welcoming spirit.


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