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Children’s Daily Prayer 2018 - 2019

Children’s Daily Prayer 2018 - 2019

Margaret Burk & Vivian E. Williams

Children's Daily Prayer is designed to provide school leaders and catechists with a complete order of prayer for every day of the school year from Sunday, August 12, 2018 and goes through Friday, June 21, 2019. The format invites children to participate in the prayer service, while time for silent reflection encourages children to examine what the Scriptures mean for their everyday lives.

The structure of each prayer session is designed to it seamlessly into your day. The whole session takes no more than five to eight minutes, offering students a chance to pray together at the beginning or end of the day's lesson.

Each prayer service includes a(n):

Opening providing Scripture context and introducing the saint celebrated that day
Psalm available on reproducible pages so each child can participate easily
Reading or Gospel carefully selected to familiarize children with major stories and themes of the Bible
Silent Reflection prompt to be used for class discussion
Closing Prayer inviting students to prepare intercessions or offer their own intentions

Children’s Daily Prayer also includes:

Prayer services for the liturgical seasons and special feasts
Prayers for use at home and before meals
Prayers for the end of each day to encourage family prayer throughout the week
Reproducible prayer services for children to take home to their families to celebrate occasions when they are not in school.

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