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I Have Learned From the Least: My Life, My Hopes

I Have Learned From the Least: My Life, My Hopes

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
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Q: How do you imagine the beyond?
A: A banquet! A banquet where everybody, especially the world’s poor, will have enough, not just of material food but also God’s justice. [From the book]

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the archbishop of Manila and one of the leading voices of the Asian Church, has emerged in this era of Pope Francis as an example of a shepherd who “has the smell of the sheep.” Narrated in the form of an interview, this memoir traces his upbringing in humble circumstances, his early vocation to the priesthood followed by theological studies in the United States, service on the International Theological Commission, and his surprising rise in the hierarchy of the Philippine Church and on the world stage.

With unusual openness and frankness, Cardinal Tagle freely shares his thoughts on religious pluralism, social justice, an ethic of ecology, and the challenges facing the church in the twenty-first century. His deep commitment to the poor and an ardent faith in the gospel message shine clearly throughout these memories and reflections.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, also serves as president of Caritas International and of the Catholic Biblical Federation. He received a doctorate from the Catholic University of America and has served on the International Theological Commission. He is the author of several books, including Easter People.


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