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Pilgrim Way: A guide to the Christian faith

Pilgrim Way: A guide to the Christian faith

Stephen Cottrell
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This short booklet provides a contemporary summary of the essentials of the Christian faith for enquirers, new Christians and baptism and confirmation candidates.
Written by the authors of the popular Pilgrim course, it follows the pattern of one of the most ancient teaching traditions of the Church: catechism.
Originally a form of baptism preparation in the early Church, it explores Christian belief through a series of questions and answers - the way that Christians across the centuries have learned and taken to heart the core truths of Christianity.

The Pilgrim Catechism complements the Pilgrim course in discipleship and acts as a summary for key questions that it explores, such as:

* What is the faith of the church?
* How do you become a Christian?
* What is worship?
* What is baptism?
* How did Jesus teach his disciples to pray?
* What is a sacrament?
* How can we trust the Bible?
* What is the hope in which we live?

Scripture quotes and texts such as the Creed provide many of the responses and throughout, disciples are challenged to work out their beliefs in their daily lives.


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