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At Home with the Spirit : On Retreat in Daily Life

At Home with the Spirit : On Retreat in Daily Life

Tom O'Hara

At Home with the Spirit is a complete portable faith-renewal program, a series of retreats, in the Ignatian manner, that can be explored in an ‘at-home’ setting. This well-thought-out course offers people a spiritual vitamin pill to refresh and renew their faith amidst the stresses of daily life. It is recommended that those who undertake these retreats should meet a spiritual director each week, or that a group meets with a facilitator. With its clear development of the dynamic of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, At Home with the Spirit will be an invaluable resource, not only for home retreatants but also for retreat directors, teachers and students, those making annual retreats and members of the Christian Life Communities. It can also be most profitably used for days of recollection, for weekend retreats or simply as a resource for daily prayer, especially to fit in with the church’s liturgical seasons

Key Features
• A simple and effective program to bring the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises into the home.
• Can be practised by an individual or within a group.
• Content is broken down into easily-digestible sections – three lots of eight weeks.
• A fulfilling way to follow a daily program of scripture reading and prayer.
• The fruit of a long experience of leading and teaching the Spiritual Exercises.

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