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Unseen Things Above Lindchester Chronicles Vol 2

Unseen Things Above Lindchester Chronicles Vol 2

Catherine Fox
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The much-anticipated sequel to Acts and Omissions.

Who will be the next Bishop of Lindchester? That’s what everyone’s been asking since Bishop Paul Henderson resigned in haste and a whiff of scandal. In Unseen Things Above we rejoin our friends in the diocese as they address themselves to the labyrinthine process of appointing Bishop Paul’s replacement.

When they aren’t arguing about love and marriage, that is. Should Jane renounce her feminist orthodoxy and wed the manly archdeacon? Could Father Ed defy the House of Bishops and marry Neil? And how many hearts will start a-trembling when the gorgeous but volatile Freddie May returns to the Cathedral Close?

Come, dear reader, and clamber once again onto the liturgical rollercoaster. Travel from Easter to Advent with bishops, archbishops, and all the company of Lindchester. Hang on to your hat as you’re whirled through ups and downs and twists of plot. There are unseen things above, all right. But if you manage to open your eyes, the view from the top is glorious.

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