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Mark: Reading the First Gospel Resources for the Religion Classroom

Mark: Reading the First Gospel Resources for the Religion Classroom

Maurice Ryan
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Mark: Reading the First Gospel focuses on the questions that contemporary scholars pursue in their studies of Mark’s gospel. The discussions and activities are presented in an engaging manner that invite students into the process of thinking about and resolving the many intriguing questions that exist in relation to modern biblical scholarship.

Part of the Resources for the Religion Classroom series which aims to provide accessible study materials on a range of topics in religious education. The series offers secondary students learning resources that are modern, accessible and relevant to their classroom religion programs. The intention is to provide sound and solid explorations of the topics represented in schools’ classroom religion programs. Each title fits well with the relevant LearningLinks teacher resource books which can be used to design teaching and learning activities to supplement these student texts.

Books in the series feature maps, many photographs and pictorial representations that complement the written text. Each presents activities related to the topics that allow for individual and group study. Primary and secondary source documents are provided for student analysis. They also contain a glossary explaining key words and phrases relevant to the study of that topic. Ideas and possible directions for internet research are included in sections of each book.

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