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Releasing the Captive Reflections for the Year of Mark Year B

Releasing the Captive Reflections for the Year of Mark Year B

Geoffrey Plant
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Releasing the Captive is a collection of reflections for Year B of the liturgical cycle, the year of Mark. It is a companion volume to Ascending the Mountain (Year A, the year of Matthew) and Welcoming the Outsider (Year C, the year of Luke). The evocative title of this volume arises from the incident that Mark places at the beginning of Jesus' public ministry which may also provide an interpretative key to the gospel. This dramatic event is an exorcism in the synagogue at Capernaum. We meet a man with symptoms that a modern reader might identify with epilepsy, and Jesus heals him. He has been set free, released from captivity, and that is what exorcism is all about. Exorcism does not feature in the everyday experience of most 21st century readers. But the reality behind demonic possession is very much with us today because we are held captive by forces over which we have little or no control, forces that rob us of freedom, alienate us from God and others, and stunt our human growth. Many modern addictions can hold us captive. Not only the substance addictions which may come easily to mind but also our addiction to possessions, to wealth, to position and power and to busyness. Jesus invites us into the desert to confront the truth about our own lives and the choices we make, to make a personal stocktake. Geoff Plant's third volume of gospel reflections also issues an invitation: to engage more deeply with the word by reflecting on the Sunday gospels. He once again proves that he is an eloquent and engrossing master storyteller. He breaks open the word, drawing together the biblical and contemporary contexts. His stories inform and delight illuminating the text to deepen understanding of the Gospels and enhance participation in the Sunday liturgy. These reflections will be welcomed by priests and pastoral associates, students of Biblical Studies, Bible Study groups, teachers and individuals wishing to enrich their own spiritual understanding. About the Author Geoffrey Plant is pastor of St Michael's Parish, Lane Cove, within the Archdiocese of Sydney. Ordained in 1972, Geoffrey's ministry has been in education at secondary and tertiary levels, but parish work is his first love. He studied theology at the Yarra Theological Union in Melbourne, and at Sydney University.


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