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Jesus and the Natural World

Jesus and the Natural World

Denis Edwards
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Ecological the radical change of mind and heart that leads to a deeper love and respect for all creatures as having their own integrity before God: it involves change to a sustainable lifestyle, to sustainable patters of production and consumption and to sustainable economic and political choices.

In this new book Denis Edwards encourages us as Christians to wholeheartedly embrace ecological conversation and to connect with people around the globe in their deepening commitment to the survival of life on earth. If the good news is that many people around the globe have begun to recognise that we are called to a new way of being on Earth, how can we be sure that this is congruous with the message of Jesus in the gospels? Edwards shows that stewardship is pivotal in the Christian message for the world, and that the process of conversion includes a responsibility that all creation is a precious gift that is to be loved, respected and protected.

The ever-growing movement of people who are connected in a deepening commitment to the good of the community of life on Earth is a strengthening force that includes people living in large cities, country towns and on the land, farmers, artists, school children, scientists, industrialists, politicians and religious leaders. For Christians, the deepest reason for this conversion is that we see the Earth and all its creatures as God's good creation, the creation that God radically embraces in the incarnation of the Word made flesh. Because of this, in 2001, Pope John Paul II stressed the importance of the change of mind and of life that he called 'ecological conversion'. After speaking of the way humans have devastated so much of the natural world, he continued: ‘We must therefore encourage and support the 'ecological conversion' which in recent decades has made humanity more sensitive to the catastrophe to which it has been heading'.

Father Denis's latest book is a wonderful read for anyone with an interest in exploring theology and our home, planet Earth. In this book Denis gives us the fundamentals of ecological theology including science and a universal perspective, biblical visions, Jesus Ministry, the Holy Spirit, Eucharist, Ecological Conversion, Spirituality and Action – and he has done this all with great skill.
Jacqueline Remond, Director, Cathoolic Earthcare Australia

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