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Gospel of Luke for Meditation and Homilies

Gospel of Luke for Meditation and Homilies

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
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Geoffrey Robinson’s commentary on the Gospel of Luke takes us on a fascinating journey into the mind of the evangelist. He extends an invitation to engage in the practice of Lectio Divina. Reading and meditating on scriptures with him can open us to new ways of listening to God. He examines the whole of Luke’s gospel, passage by passage, showing how Luke’s way of telling it offers us possibilities of beginning to see and know God more deeply.

This deep comprehension of the text unfolds Luke’s extraordinary gift: showing Jesus’ unique way of demonstrating God’s astonishing love for imperfect, frightened, limited human beings. Robinson’s glowing exposition shows us the endless compassion and insight of Jesus as seen by Luke.

This book will be a welcome resource for priests and pastoral associates, but all who wish to explore Lectio Divina applied to the Gospel of Luke with Geoffrey Robinson as a guide will discover extraordinary riches: love, encouragement and hope are all to be found in these pages. Ultimately, Robinson tells us, Jesus sang a song to each one of us. Understanding more about Jesus in Luke helps us to sing Jesus’ song ourselves.


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