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So You're Working for the Catholic Church : A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition Revised Edition

So You're Working for the Catholic Church : A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition Revised Edition

Tony Doherty
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Coming into contact with a Catholic organisation can be a little daunting, especially if you know little about Catholic beliefs and traditions.

Improve how your Catholic organisation welcomes and inducts newcomers into your Catholic community. Demystify being Catholic and explain what Catholics believe to new comers in a way that is informative, friendly and most of all, welcoming.

The So You're Series has been revised and refreshed, making it an ideal way to explain the fundamentals of what Catholics believe to newcomers.

Select the standard, printed version or choose the customised version of this easy-to-read, informative book. The covers and internal pages (in multiples of 4 pages) can be altered to cater specifically for your organisation. You'll be surprised how inexpensive customisation can be.

So You're Working for the Catholic Church is designed to be a friendly and gentle introduction to a few of the beliefs and values which make Catholics tick. It is a modest overview for people coming in touch with the Church, perhaps for the first time, or refreshing their acquaintance. It has been written for people working in the wide range of employment offered by the Catholic Church.

You may be:

a nurse or administrator in a Catholic hospital
a teacher in a Catholic school
a parish secretary, or office administrator
a medical practitioner working in a Catholic hospital
a carer in an Aged Care facility
a nurse or counselor in a Catholic hospice
one of the vast number of non-medical workers in Catholic health care
an administrator in a Social Justice office
a worker in a homeless shelter or working with kids on the street
a worker in a St Vincent de Paul store...
...or dozens of other ministries and occupations within the Church.

It will also help you to learn something of the reasons that caused the place where you work to exist in the first place.



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