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For Christ's Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church ... for Good

For Christ's Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church ... for Good

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
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In this new book, Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, controversial author of 'Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church', pulls no punches in his effort to go beyond merely 'managing' sexual abuse in the Church. He seeks to identify, uproot and eradicate abuse - and the poor response to it - by addressing the causes: without limitation.

He leads up to a call for nothing less than a Council of the whole Church to confront the issues raised in the book, within which he insists that the laity must play a major role.

In the current social environment, that includes the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Sexual Abuse of Children, this is the book that had to happen. This is the book designed to move the Church back into the hands of the millions of shocked and bewildered Catholics throughout the world who are saying: enough is enough.
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This is the book that will move a mountain.

'In the darkness of the world-wide clergy abuse scandals, a light now shines and a voice now speaks to lead the Church to a new, higher level of integrity and holiness. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson's For Christ's Sake is that light and voice. He writes for the sake of the Church and especially for the sake of our children. His startling action plan is creative, courageous and sound. For Christ's sake, for the sake of the Church, for the sake of the victims, for the sake of the children, take up this book and read - and above all, act.'

Rev. Donald Cozzens (Author of 'Notes from the Underground: The Spiritual Journal of a Secular Priest')

'Based on substantial pastoral experience and exuding practical wisdom throughout, this honest and heartfelt, serious and sorrowful book breathes the spirit of the Gospel. It provides an accessible analysis and a probing and perceptive diagnosis of current distortions in the prevailing damaging culture within the Church, and it offers a pathway towards a culture that is more in tune with the Gospel.'
John Sullivan, Professor of Christian Education, Liverpool Hope University

'If you are angry and bewildered about the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church, or dismayed by the response of the Catholic hierarchy to the crisis, read this book. Bishop Robinson writes with honesty, humility and compassion. He offers both an unflinching clarity about what has gone wrong, and a hope that the Church's future can be better. Truly, this book is a gift of the Holy Spirit.'
The Honourable Kristina Kenneally

My personal position is that what Bishops Geoffrey Robinson, Bill Morris and Pat Power are offering is potentially the most exciting thing that has happened in Catholicism since the Second Vatican Council. If I'm wrong about society being in the midst of an enormous sea-change in approach to its understanding of religion, spirituality and the place of the Divine in our lives and history, this has the greatest prospects of achieving some positive change. I strongly urge you to get hold of a copy of Bishop Robinson's book and, if you are persuaded by his arguments, to get behind this endeavour.
Brian Coyne, Editor and Publisher, Catholica, 14th May 2013

Retired Sydney bishop Geoffrey Robinson is calling for a 'Catholic Spring'. Speaking to Hamish Macdonald on 702 Drive on the day of the launch of his new book, Robinson joined former New South Wales Premier, Kristina Keneally in a frank and open discussion about the need for ordinary Catholics to help confront the Vatican on the issue of child sexual abuse. Emma Crowe/Hamish Macdonald, ABC Sydney 702. Click here to listen to the interview

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