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walk4one Educators Guide CDROM

walk4one Educators Guide CDROM

Samuel Clear
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This disc includes teaching and learning activities designed to be used alongside Sam Clear's autobiography walk4one: Paving a Path to Unity. It includes inquiry based learning activities around three key themes: Community and Identity; Trust, Love and Faith; and Environment, Obstacles and Politics. Each topic within the themes is linked to an in-depth author interview, which is also available on this disc.

THEME 1: Community and Identity

Global Hot Spots: South America, Central America, Mexico

TOPIC 1: Diversity (cultural and religious)
TOPIC 2: Unity (Sam's mission)
TOPIC 3: Religion (Christian churches and differences)
TOPIC 4: Dignity of life (discrimination, human rights)
TOPIC 5: Social justice (poverty and access to education)

THEME 2: Trust, Love and Faith

Global Spots: USA, Canada, Russia

TOPIC 1: Trust in God/others
TOPIC 2: Ethics
TOPIC 3: Religion
TOPIC 4: Spirituality
TOPIC 5: Social justice

THEME 3: Environment, Obstacles and Politics

Global Hot Spots: Latin America, Europe

TOPIC 1: Environment
TOPIC 2: Overcoming obstacles
TOPIC 3: Religion
TOPIC 4: Citizenship
TOPIC 5: Social justice (homelessness)

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